EssyJae projects are available for commercial use after a commerical use license is obtained here. There are restrictions, as outlined below, but the commercial use license generally applies to most SVG file based projects that EssyJae offers. For any questions at all, please contact [email protected]. Thank you so much for your courtesy and for your interest in EssyJae!

Purchase your commercial use license here:

This commercial license allows:

  • Sales of finished, fully assembled items made from EssyJae’s SVG files.
  • Sales of designs for a period of one year, starting from the purchase date of the license and ending one year from that date. If you wish continue selling after one year, please purchase another license.
  • Sales by the one person who the license was issued to.
  • Up to 1000 sales total, which could be all of the same design, or of several different designs of your choosing.

This commercial license does not allow:

  • The sale of any EssyJae design in a digital file form or as a digital file that contains any design items/elements derived from EssyJae’s designs.
  • Sales of any EssyJae design as a kit (where pieces are pre-cut and the customer assembles the project).
  • Sales of EssyJae designs that are designed to be printed, such as tags or printables.
  • The use of any of EssyJae’s photos, videos, or product descriptions in any manner.

A few other details you should know:

  • You will be issued a certificate in PDF form which will contain your name, dates the license is valid for, and your unique license number – please save or print a copy of this certificate for safe keeping.
  • Your license number is important – it will be what is used to identify you as the owner of the license and the license details and can be referenced should you ever need to contact EssyJae about your license.

If your situation has unique requirements that don’t quite fit the terms above, feel free to contact EssyJae to ask if arrangements can be made. I’m open to any questions you might have.

By purchasing and using a commercial license from EssyJae, you are agreeing to abide by the above terms. EssyJae retains the right to deactivate a commercial license if these terms are flagrantly and knowingly violated.

Thank you so much for your support of EssyJae! I would love to work together with you to support our respective businesses.